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About Monica


Hi! My name is Monica and I am 48 years old. I am blessed with my children (whom I , like all mothers, am very proud of), and partner Rudolf.

In school I studied retail and thereafter became a fashion consultant. I have always been a woman that loves to undertake. But after I got children, they became my priority and my career was put on hold. Ever since the youngest of my children had to go to school, I determined that it was time to start working in retail again, this was over 16 years ago. In this period of time I accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience, I knew that one day I wanted to have a store of my own. I have always loved to be among the people, by that I mean talking to different customers and help them. Interacting with people is one of my favorite things about working in a store, so if you need any help or have question please feel free to ask me, I am happy to help you!:)

Besides interaction with customer there is one more thing that I absolutely love to do, which is the visual merchandise. The visual merchandise of a store is super important with regards to the presentation of products, things as color matching and putting together the pieces to make sure they are done justice are key in have a cohesive picture.

My daughter has always had a creative mind and even though she studied something wholly different, she never let loose of this idea doing something creative. We began talking about the possibilities, and started to become super enthusiast about a particular idea which has now become a reality for us! I feel so happy to be given this opportunity to explore my dream together with my lovely daughter.

About Joy’nae


Hi there! I am Joy’nae daughter of Monica and I am 24 years old. So where to begin? Firstly, I live in the Netherlands, and have done so my whole life. I am very passionate about, fashion, make-up, animals (especially dogs, they are angels), and of course family and friends.

Okay so let me tell you a little bit more about me and why we (me and my amazing mom) started this journey of having our own little boutique. The past few years my main focus laid with school, after I finished the havo on middle school I had to make a choice, something that has always seemed super interesting and fun to me, which would be a study involving a lot of creativity, or something that looks interesting and is a very good basis to finding a job, but is not my passion. Well I went with the latter and chose to study International and European law at the Hague University of applied sciences. I cannot say I regret finishing this study since I did learn a lot and my English vocabulary did significantly improve, however I knew that this was and is not where my passion lays. After graduation I started working at an insurance company, even though I had great colleagues I also felt that it was just not for me.

This realization eventually triggered a series of events which led to the creation of our own store. My mom and I began talking about this idea to do something not only what we love but also to do it together as this team, our ultimate dream job!

Our idea was to start a store which doesn’t only present clothes but also provide our customer with an experience, the store must reflect unity, peace, and warmth. We found it of utmost importance to handpick each item ourselves so that we only carry clothes which we genuinely love and believe will make any women feel beautiful.

As both my mom and me are two wholly different person with regards to our specialty, we determined that it would be a great idea to divide the tasks. My mom, who already has more than 16 years of experience in retail and proved to be a star at visual merchandise, will take on these tasks as well as being the ‘manager’ (or momager, haha mom is mom after all) and I, who already have a few years of experience with regards to promoting and presenting clothes (on my own instagram page), will be the head of the webshop and social media, this includes making the pictures, replying to costumers, sending the packages, as well as making sure to provide fashion inspiration, for example make videos showing how to style certain items etc.

I do aspire to designing my own clothes and selling these in our own store in the future as well as expand the webshop with other items than exclusively fashion, but hey, one step at the time ;)!

"Life's too short to wear boring clothes."
~ Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs
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